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LEGO 11032 Creative Color Fun- Spaceship, Starfish, Rainbow, Octopus & More

Description LEGO 11032 Creative fun of color Inspire creative kids to explore crafts and creation with LEGO bricks This 1500 piece set is burst packed with colors, model lips, accessories and more
Are you looking for a playset with lots of creative possibilities? In LEGO Classic Creative color fun (11032) are lots of inspirations for crafting and creation for children from 5 years.
Paint with Bricks
This unlimited building toy with 1,500 LEGO bricks in lots of clear colors offers lots of creative play value and artist inspiration. Clear picture guides show children how they build fun models, such as an octopus, a rocket and a shoe. Then they are encouraged to customize their model with different colors and fun accessories, such as wheels and a set of different eyes. With so many pieces of so many colors, children get started on their own creative ideas. For even more digital fun, little builders can zoom in, rotate models in 3D and follow their progress in the intuitive LEGO Builder app.
Family Fun
LEGO Classic 5+ toys put ideas and inspiration in children's hands and give adults the perfect opportunity to share fun building and development milestones with their children.
LEGO 11032 Creative color fun is one of the many sets of the LEGO Classic theme. Features Kids can create again and again LEGO Classic Creative Fun of Colors (11032) offers lots of creative play value for children from 5 years old, but a large array of colorful bricks and lots of accessories
Fun Bags Set contains 1500 colorful bricks that are sorted in individual bags. Accessories and fashion ideas set up the creative games
Infinite Inspiration Kids can use the simple printed guides to build an octopus, a rocket, a shoe and more, and even explore endlessly free building fun and build just anything
Gift Idea For Kids This Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift Or Surprise Includes Lots Of Play Opportunities That Will Provide Years Of Creation

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